Topic-Specific Resources to Support Emergency Management Planning

Access topic-specific resources from the REMS TA Center and our Federal and national partners in emergency management via our NEW section. The resources are organized into the following categories:

Emergency Management Functions

Emergency managers and planning teams at education agencies throughout the country are required to activate a variety of operational functions before, during, and after a threat or hazard impacts the school and/or campus community. The list of function types in this subsection is continually updated to help strengthen efforts to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond, and recover.

Hazards and Threats

School districts and schools may be at risk for a variety of threats and hazards based on geographical location, local crime statistics, proximity to chemical plants, and a variety of other factors. The list of threat or hazard types in this subsection is continually updated to support schools and school districts in managing the before, during, and after aspects of emergency management planning.

Planning Basics and Principles

Need help with understanding emergency management planning basics and principles? Visit this subsection to access resources that support collaborative, effective, and sustainable planning.