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Develop a High-Quality Higher Education Emergency Operations Plan

School Guide

Use the collaboratively developed Federal Guide for Developing High-Quality Operations Plans for Institutions of Higher Education to learn key planning principles and the six-step planning process.

Select any of the hyperlinks below to learn more about the planning principles and the six-step planning process that institutions of higher education (IHEs) can use to develop a comprehensive higher education emergency operations plan (EOP) that addresses a range of threats and hazards.

Key Planning Principles

  • Planning must be supported by IHE senior leadership.
  • Planning uses assessment to customize plans to the individual institution.
  • Planning considers all threats and hazards.
  • Planning provides for the access and functional needs of the whole IHE community.
  • Planning considers all settings and all times.
  • Planning considers the individual preparedness of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Planning meets the requirements of all applicable laws.
  • Creating and revising a model EOP is done by following a collaborative process.
Six-Step Planning Process