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Specialized Training Packages—Special Topics in Emergency Management

Are you seeking materials to support emergency management training at your school or district?

Our downloadable Specialized Training Packages feature self-paced emergency management training materials to support high-quality emergency management across a range of special topics. School emergency managers may use these materials to train their colleagues or to brush up on their own knowledge regarding special topics in school emergency management. The topics included in these training packages range from continuity of operations and large event planning to handling food contamination and infectious diseases. Each package includes training instructions, a PowerPoint presentation, and supplemental resources. Tabletop exercises are also included with some packages. In addition to the special topics in emergency management, we have also included an introductory presentation that provides an overview of the recommended six step planning process for developing school EOPs. Finally, for practitioners who wish to assemble all of the training materials into a binder, we have included a cover page and table of contents for all training packages.