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Our Allies in School and Campus Emergency Management

When emergencies happen at schools and institutions of higher education (IHEs), a variety of groups and individuals step in to support the response and recovery process on campus and within school buildings. In the same way, school and campus emergency prevention, protection, and mitigation are not solitary efforts. They require close collaboration between groups and individuals at the national, state, and local levels who have different skill sets but a shared mission—to ensure the safety of students while attending K-12 schools and IHEs across the country.

At the Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Technical Assistance (TA) Center, collaboration is also an important part of the work we do to provide comprehensive support to emergency management practitioners in the fields of school and higher ed emergency management. We have and will continue to partner with federal agencies, .gov-operated Technical Assistance Centers, and state and local education agencies to do a variety of things, including the following:

On this page, we feature brief descriptions of the federal agencies and .gov-operated Technical Assistance Centers that work to support emergency management across the nation. These organizations provide useful information, products, and opportunities to the stakeholders they serve.

Learn more about their mission and the populations each entity serves, as well as view collaborative resources we have developed with some of the partners, by selecting the name of an agency or organization below. (Please note that the stakeholder populations listed for each agency reflect the target audiences as listed on the respective agency site.)

Federal Emergency Management Programs, Campaigns and Initiatives

Select the links below to learn more about each campaign and initiative and how your state or local educational entity can join the national preparedness movement.

State and Local Partners in School and Campus Emergency Management

We also regard emergency management practitioners on the state and local levels as our partners in school and campus emergency management. State and local partnerships are just as important as those on the national level.

View the state map we created to highlight state-level agency support in the areas of school and IHE emergency management via our State Emergency Management Resources page.

Map of United States and territories

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