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Higher ed Emergency Management Planning Higher Ed Emergency Management Planning

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Access resources from the REMS TA Center, the U.S. Department of Education, and Federal agency partners on key topics in K-12 and higher ed emergency management.

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Security Annex

This annex focuses on the courses of action that IHEs will implement on a routine, on-going basis to secure the IHE from criminal threats originating from both inside and outside the IHE. This includes efforts done in conjunction with law enforcement officers.

The planning team should consider the following when developing their goals, objectives and courses of action courses of action:

  • How agreements with law enforcement agencies address the daily role of law enforcement officers in and around campus
  • How to help ensure the buildings and facilities are physically secure (including implementation of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design [CPTED])
  • How to assist students, faculty, and staff in safely traveling to, from, and within the campus safely (including traffic control and pedestrian safety)
  • How to keep prohibited items or materials off the campus
  • How to respond to threats identified by the TAT
  • How to address issues related to cybersecurity and threats to the IHE’s information technology systems
  • How security will be provided at stadiums, arenas, and other large-event facilities
  • How to provide security for sensitive facilities, including research labs and test reactors on the campus
  • How to account for students, faculty, staff, and visitors in a variety of locations at different points in the day
  • How information will be shared with law enforcement officers or other responders (keeping in mind any requirements or limitations of applicable privacy laws, including FERPA, HIPAA, and other civil rights laws.)
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