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Higher ed Emergency Management Planning Higher Ed Emergency Management Planning

State Map

School and higher ed emergency management staff can use our interactive map to guide them as they search for state-level information related to safety and emergency management. Visit the State Emergency Management Resources page to see what information your state has available.

Find State Emergency Management Resources

Introductory Material

Develop introductory material to enhance accountability with community partners, including first responders, and local emergency managers, and make a higher ed EOP easier to use. Typical introductory material includes

Cover Page

The cover page includes the title of the plan, a date and the campus(es) covered by the plan.

Promulgation Document and Signature Page

This document or page contains a signed statement formally recognizing and adopting the higher ed EOP. It gives both the authority and the responsibility to IHE officials to perform their tasks before, during, or after an incident, and therefore should be signed by the authorized IHE administrator or another authorizing official.

Approval and Implementation Page

The approval and implementation page introduces the plan, outlines its applicability, and indicates that it supersedes all previous plans. It includes a delegation of authority for specific modifications that can be made to the plan and by whom they can be made without the authorized IHE administrator’s signature. It also includes a date and should be signed by the authorized IHE administrator.

Record of Changes

Each update or change to the plan should be tracked. The record of changes, usually in table format, contains, at a minimum, a change number, the date of the change, the name of the person who made the change, and a summary of the change.

Record of Distribution

The record of distribution, usually in table format, indicates the title and the name of the person receiving the plan, the agency to which the recipient belongs (either the IHE department, or if from outside the IHE, the name of the appropriate government agency or private-sector entity), the date of delivery, and the number of copies delivered.

Table of Contents

The table of contents is a logically ordered, clearly identified layout of the major sections and subsections of the plan that will make finding information within the plan easier.

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