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Higher ed Emergency Management Planning Higher Ed Emergency Management Planning

Tool Box

The REMS TA Center hosts a virtual library of tools developed by school and higher ed emergency managers in the field. The Tool Box contains resources pertinent to the needs of education agencies and their community partners as they engage in emergency management planning.

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Functional Annexes

Once the planning team identifies and prioritizes possible threats and hazards and assesses the associated risks and vulnerabilities, they should work to develop critical operational functions. Functional annexes focus on critical operational functions and the courses of action developed to carry them out. This section describes functional annexes that IHEs should address in developing a comprehensive, high-quality campus EOP. As the planning team assesses the IHE’s needs, it may need to prepare additional or different annexes.

While these functions should be described separately, it is important to remember that many functions will occur consecutively. For example, a shelter-in-place during an emergency may be implemented but if a building is damaged the IHE may then initiate an evacuation of that building.

Often, multiple functions will also be performed concurrently.

While functions build upon one another and overlap, it is not necessary to repeat a course of action in one functional annex if it appears in a second Functional Annex. For example, though an evacuation may lead to reunification, it is not necessary to list a course of action for reunification within the Evacuation Annex.

This is not a complete list, but it is recommended that all higher ed EOPs include at least the following annexes:

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