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Higher ed Emergency Management Planning Higher Ed Emergency Management Planning

Tool Box

The REMS TA Center hosts a virtual library of tools developed by school and higher ed emergency managers in the field. The Tool Box contains resources pertinent to the needs of education agencies and their community partners as they engage in emergency management planning.

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The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan section of the higher ed EOP provides an overview of the IHE’s approach to operations before, during, and after an emergency. This section addresses the overarching activities the IHE undertakes regardless of the function, threat, or hazard. The content in this section provides a solid foundation for the IHE’s operations. The information in this section should not duplicate information contained in other parts of the plan. Almost all of the information contained in the Basic Plan should be able to come from the planning team. If the planning team finds that it has to go outside its members for a significant amount of information, it may be an indication that the planning team membership needs to be expanded.

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