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Do you need easy access to comprehensive and interactive trainings? Our online courses guide users on federally recommended information and processes for emergency operations plan development and related topics in comprehensive emergency management.

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Unless explicitly identified as relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, all resources were created prior to the pandemic, and it should not be assumed they apply the same to the COVID-19 response. For updated information related to COVID-19, visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/.

Training is a critical component of school safety, security, emergency management, and preparedness. To support you in your training efforts — independent, in-person, and virtual — the REMS TA Center created materials for you to use on your own and/or at your site. These downloadable modules are intended for education agencies to use to train teams and supplement training programs. They contain presentations with speaker’s notes, instructions, resource lists, and, in some cases, tabletop exercises. For practitioners who wish to assemble all of the training materials into a binder, the REMS TA Center has created a cover page and table of contents for all modules, except the supplemental exercise and training packages.


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Supplemental Exercise and Training Packages

The REMS TA Center has developed additional exercise and training packages that may be used to strengthen emergency operations plans (EOPs) and identify gaps and weaknesses or bolster youth preparedness and engagement at a school or school district. These packages vary in their contents.

  • Emergency Exercises Package — Includes an introduction to emergency exercises, and provides tabletop exercise instructions, scenarios/injects, podcasts, and accompanying resources on a power outage and an infectious disease outbreak.
  • Teen Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Toolkit — Contains an overview PowerPoint, a course description, an application/parent permission form, tabletop activities for cribbing and triage, a training record, certification materials, and accompanying resources for a Teen CERT semester class.