K-12 District Emergency Management Planning K-12 District Emergency Management Planning


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District Guide Terminology

Throughout this Guide, references are made to the school district or district taking action. In most instances, these are references to the district core planning team. The following definitions provide clarification:

District Core Planning Team

The district core planning team is a group of representatives that can include

  • Administrators;
  • Instructional and support staff;
  • Food services, maintenance, building, and grounds personnel;
  • Community partners;
  • Community organizations; and
  • Parents and guardians.

These representatives together organize and administer the process of EOP development and maintenance at the district level.

School District

The term school district or district may also include representatives who provide occasional support to the district core planning team and who may be considered ad hoc district planning team members.


School refers to the school core planning team as described on the following pages in Step 1 (unless otherwise specified).


Policies refers to district-established expectations or requirements.


Procedures refers to the steps to implement a particular district policy.

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