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Task 3: Review, Revise, and Maintain the plan

District’s Role

Reviewing, revising, and maintaining school EOPs is the last part of developing a plan. However, planning is a continuous process, even after the plan is published. The district should help to ensure that each school core planning team reviews, revises, and maintains the school EOP according to, at a minimum, the district’s approved review cycle.

The district can also help school core planning teams review, revise, and maintain their plans by sharing updated assessment data, evaluation data from drills and full-scale exercises with community partners and equipment, lessons learned, new information and insights about threats and hazards, and information about updated priorities.

The district should ensure that all relevant community partners (e.g., first responders, local emergency management staff) have the most current version of all school EOPs in the district.

The district should consider the following when developing policies and procedures:

  • The extent to which school core planning teams should revise parts of the school EOP at a particular time, or review the entire school EOP simultaneously
  • Which community partners should be involved in reviewing and revising school EOPs
  • The role of the district in reviewing, revising, and maintaining the plan

School’s Role

Based on the policies and procedures established by the district, each school core planning team should be able to review, revise, and maintain its school EOP.

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