K-12 District Emergency Management Planning K-12 District Emergency Management Planning


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Task 1: Train and Inform Stakeholders

District’s Role

Everyone involved in the plan needs to know her or his roles and responsibilities before, during, and after an emergency. School districts can play an important role in helping to coordinate training on school EOPs by using the approved training programs included in the Basic Plan section of each school EOP in the district, and by developing policies and procedures to support and strengthen schools’ training programs.

The district should consider the following when developing policies and procedures:

  • What type of train-the-trainer guidance or training activities the district should provide to school core planning teams to help them implement their training programs
  • Which stakeholders should be involved in different components of the training program
  • Which formats and languages schools should use for plan materials (such formats may include electronic and hard-copy materials, flip charts or quick reference guides, and other relevant materials)
  • The type of certification that is needed for trainings, if any

School’s Role

Based on the policies and procedures established by the district, each school core planning team should be able to train stakeholders on the plan and their roles.

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