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Task 5: Approve and Share the Plan

Districts play a primary role in Task 5 because they are typically responsible for approving school plans. After school core planning teams finalize their plans following the district’s initial review, the plans should be presented to the appropriate district leadership to obtain official approval.

District’s Role

Districts are encouraged to develop a framework outlining the process for officially approving school EOPs. Once school EOPs are approved, the district should work with the schools to share the plan (in accessible formats, as necessary) with

  1. Community partners with a responsibility in the plan (e.g., first responders, local emergency management staff); and
  2. Additional stakeholders that have a role in the plan, including relevant district, local, regional, and/or state agencies with which the plan will be coordinated.

The plan should also be shared with other organizations that may use the school building(s).

Districts should work with schools to protect their plans from those unauthorized to have them and should establish a system for sharing secure documents electronically. Additionally, district officials may recommend that certain plan content be redacted before it is shared, or they may develop policies regarding what plan content can and cannot be shared. Districts and schools must comply with state and local open-records laws in storing and protecting the plan.

In addition, the district should work with the school core planning teams to maintain a record of the people and organizations that receive a copy of the plan.

The district should consider the following when developing policies and procedures:

  • What the process is for officially approving school EOPs
  • When, or how often, the district should approve school EOPs
  • Which individuals and/or entities from the district are responsible for approving school EOPs
  • The criteria that will be used to determine plan approval
  • The individuals and entities with whom the approved school EOPs will be shared
  • How the approved school EOPs will be securely shared
  • Which parts of the approved school EOPs will be shared
  • The process that will be used to document details about with whom, when, and how the plan will be shared
  • What applicable Federal, state, and local laws must be followed when approving and sharing the school EOPs

School’s Role

Based on the policies and procedures established by the district, the school core planning team should have an approved school EOP that it can share with plan stakeholders.

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