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Task 3: Finalize and Format the Functional and Threat- and Hazard-Specific Annexes

Once courses of action have been selected, the annexes will be finalized. The district should recommend a format that school core planning teams can use to create the Functional Annexes and the Threat- and Hazard-Specific Annexes sections of school EOPs. The following format is an example that can be used for both sections. Using the following format, each function, threat, and hazard will have at least three goals, with one or more objective for each goal, and courses of action for each of the objectives:

  • Title (the function, threat, or hazard)
  • Goal(s)
    • Objective(s)
      • Courses of Action

Sample Format

  • Function: Shelter-in-Place
  • Goal (During): Protect Students and Staff From Exposure to the Contaminant
    • Objective: Notify all students and staff to follow shelter-in-place protocol
      • Course of Action: Make announcement on the PA/intercom system
      • Course of Action: Contact classes meeting outside using two-way radio
      • Course of Action: Send runner to gym and music rooms to verify notification
      • Course of Action: Call transportation to divert buses away from the area
    • Objective: Provide immediate medical support before rooms are sealed
      • Course of Action: Deliver inhalers to designated students
      • Course of Action: Move medically fragile students to health room
      • Course of Action: Discreetly remind teachers of medical protocols
    • Objective: Seal rooms within 3 minutes of notification
      • Course of Action: Close all windows and doors
      • Course of Action: Seal gaps with wet towels
      • Course of Action: Cover all openings to outdoors with plastic sheeting and tape
    • Objective: Turn off HVAC system within 3 minutes of notification
      • Course of Action: Shut down master HVAC system for main building
      • Course of Action: Shut down auxiliary HVAC system for gymnasium
      • Course of Action: Close individual unit ventilators in portable classrooms

Courses of action already outlined in a functional annex need not be repeated in a threat- or hazard-specific annex. If there is a functional annex that applies to one of the threat- or hazard-specific annexes, the latter will include it by reference. For example, if a “during” course of action for a fire hazard involves evacuation, and there is an Evacuation Annex section, the Fire Annex section would indicate “See Evacuation Annex” in the “during” course of action section rather than repeat the evacuation courses of action in the Fire Annex.

Based on the policies and procedures established by the district, each school core planning team should be able to select courses of action that address each threat, hazard, and function for inclusion in the school EOP.

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