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Task 4: Develop Goals and Objectives for Cross-cutting Functions

District’s Role

After the district has identified a master list of districtwide functions to be addressed in school EOPs, the district will develop at least three common goals and objectives for each cross-cutting function to be used by the schools. This will guide the school core planning team’s work as it develops courses of action. For a reunification function, three possible goals include the following:

  • Function Goal Example 1 (before): Equip the school community to carry out an orderly reunification protocol under potentially high-stress conditions and/or in the aftermath of a disaster.
  • Function Goal Example 2 (during): Safely reunify students with verified and authorized families and/or guardians.
  • Function Goal Example 3 (after): Use lessons learned from administering reunification procedures to improve long-term planning efforts.

Once the district develops goals for functions, it should then develop objectives. For the reunification goals above, objectives could include the following:

  • Objective 1.1 (before): Train staff, students, and other stakeholders on reunification procedures.
  • Objective 2.1 (during): Initiate a systematic release of students to families and/or guardians once verified by student records.
  • Objective 3.1 (after): Complete an after-action report following the completion of reunification procedures that documents all issues encountered and appropriate updates to be made to the EOP, as needed.

After the district has developed districtwide goals and objectives for the districtwide list of functions, it should share these goals and objectives with school core planning teams for inclusion in their respective school EOPs.

The district should consider the following when creating policies and procedures:

  • What Federal, state, and local laws might govern in developing goals or objectives for functions
  • What Federal, state, and local guidance, recommendations, priorities, and lessons learned the district will consider and/or adhere to when developing districtwide goals and objectives for functions
  • To what degree, if any, the district will work with school core planning teams in developing districtwide goals and objectives for functions

School’s Role

Based on the policies and procedures established by the district, each school core planning team across the district should have goals and objectives for addressing each function.

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