K-12 District Emergency Management Planning K-12 District Emergency Management Planning

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Task 4: Determine a Regular Schedule of Meetings

School emergency management planning is an ongoing effort that is reinforced through regularly scheduled meetings.

District’s Role

The district plays an important role in setting districtwide expectations and requirements for holding regular but flexible planning meetings within each school. Regular meetings facilitate greater collaboration, coordination, and communication among school core planning team members. They also help to solidify critical relationships and ensure that all school teams across the district are adequately committed to their respective planning efforts.
The district should consider the following when developing its policies and procedures:

  • How long it should take to develop the school EOP
  • How frequently the school core planning team should meet during the EOP development process
  • How frequently the school core planning team should meet after the EOP has been developed (see Step 6 for more information on reviewing, revising, and updating the plan after development)

School’s Role

Based on the district’s established policies and procedures, each school core planning team should be able to determine a regular schedule of team meetings.

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