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Plan Development and Maintenance

This section discusses the overall approach to planning and the assignment of plan development and maintenance responsibilities. This section should do the following:

  • Describe the planning process, participants in that process, and how development and revision of different sections of the school EOP (Basic Plan and annexes) are coordinated before an emergency
  • Assign responsibility for the overall planning and coordination to a specific position or person
  • Provide for a regular cycle on which to train, evaluate, review, and update the school EOP

The district should work with school core planning teams to establish a recurring process for reviewing and revising plans. Many states have their own requirements related to the frequency of EOP updates, and districts should use them as a guide. This District Guide recommends that no part of the plan should go for more than 2 years without being updated.

Instead of reviewing and revising the entire plan at once, the district should work with schools to establish a system for doing so in sections. For example, the schools can review part of the EOP each month or at natural breaks in the academic calendar, an arrangement that some schools find useful. Certain events provide new information that call for reviews and updates of at least sections of the EOPs, such as after

  • Actual emergencies have occurred;
  • Changes have been made in policy, personnel, organizational structures, processes, facilities, or equipment;
  • Formal updates to planning guidance or standards have been finalized;
  • Formal exercises have taken place;
  • Changes in the school, district, and surrounding community have occurred;
  • Threats or hazards change or new ones emerge; and/or
  • Ongoing assessments generate new information.

The district should consider providing guidance or requirements to school core planning teams regarding the way in which and how frequently school EOPs should be developed and updated. This guidance should align with all applicable Federal, state, and local laws.

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