Live Trainings By Request

The REMS TA Center offers a variety of Live Trainings by Request (TBRs) for delivery on-site at your school, school district, or institution of higher education (IHE). For each training, we will provide — free of charge — training materials, as well as one or more expert trainers and REMS TA Center staff support for the event hosted at your site. To learn more about each training, as well as the requirements you must fulfill to be eligible to host, please see the information below.

Training Catalog

The following contains detailed information about each of the training topics that we offer on a rolling basis. Please note that to provide the latest information to the field and ensure that our trainings integrate research studies, Federal recommendations, and lessons learned in the field, we periodically suspend delivery of particular training topics to revise the curricula. To learn about the training purpose and intended audience, select a training topic below or download the REMS TA Center Trainings by Request: At a Glance.

Train-the-Educator (TtE)

Train-the-Trainer (TtT)

Extension Training (EXT)

Eligibility Requirements for Hosting a Training by Request

Please carefully review the topics, attendance requirements associated with each training type, as well as the length of the training curriculum and its applicability to your school, school district, or IHE. In order to receive a training at your facility, you must also meet the following criteria:

  • Be a public or nonpublic K-12 school, school district, IHE, local education agency, regional education agency, or state education agency.
  • Designate an on-site and local point of contact who will coordinate with REMS TA Center staff members and trainers regarding the logistics of the event.
  • Market the training to the appropriate audience to ensure the minimum required number of attendees. Please review the number of participants in the REMS TA Center Trainings by Request: At a Glance.
  • Provide a comfortable training site that offers seating arrangements conducive to the type of training being delivered. Movable tables and chairs are recommended for small-group activities that are a part of the trainings. Required audiovisual equipment includes a laptop with PowerPoint installed and Internet and video capabilities, a projector, a screen, and a whiteboard or an easel with chart paper. Depending on the room size, lapel and/or handheld microphones may be required. Three tables are needed: one for the laptop in the front of the room, one for the trainers in the front or the side of the room, and one for on-site registration in the back of the room or outside of the room.
  • Other requirements, as they pertain to specific trainings.

Application to Host and Information About the Hosting Process

If you meet the above criteria and are ready to request a REMS TA Center TBR, fill out the TBR Host Site Application Form. Please submit this form no later than 45 days from your requested training date. Step-by-step instructions for hosting a training are outlined below.

Step-by-Step Process for Hosting a Training by Request

Apply 1

Complete and submit the TBR Host Site Application form to at least 45 days prior to the requested training date.

Complete the TBR Host Site Application form
Application Process 2

Receive an email notification from the REMS TA Center acknowledging receipt of the application within 3 days of submitting the application. If you do not receive this, please contact the Help Desk at (855) 781-7367 [REMS] or

Review Process 3

Wait while the REMS TA Center and U.S. Department of Education review the application. If the application is approved, the REMS TA Center sends an email notification with documents attached, including a Host Site Agreement and Planning Checklist. If the application is not approved, the REMS TA Center will send an email with compliance instructions for resubmittal.

Approved Applicants Only 4

Review, approve, sign, and return the Host Site Agreement and Planning Checklist to the REMS TA Center within 1 week of receipt of the Host Site Agreement and Planning Checklist.

Approved Applicants Only 5

REMS TA Center provides the following services: online registration for the event, weekly registration reports, a customized and electronic marketing flyer for local distribution, and online training materials to be downloaded and/or printed. You have the option to print the training materials for participants or request that participants print their own training materials.

Approved Applicants Only 6

Participate in a site coordination call with the REMS TA Center, including its expert trainers and on-site staff representative, at least 2 weeks prior to the training date.

Approved Applicants Only 7

Receive training supplies, including sign-in sheets, on-site registration forms, office supplies, and marketing materials, by mail from the REMS TA Center approximately 1 week prior to the training date.

Training 8

The REMS TA Center, via its expert trainings and on-site staff representative, deliver the training and facilitate on-site registration the day of the training.

Post-Training 9

Facilitate the return of the training supplies via prepaid FedEx pickup. The REMS TA Center will send online evaluations to training attendees. Electronic certificates of participation are issued upon completion of evaluation forms.