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K-12 Emergency Management Planning K-12 Emergency Management Planning

Specialized Training

Are you seeking materials to train colleagues or brush up on your own knowledge regarding special topics in school emergency management? Visit the Specialized Training Packages page to download these self-paced trainings and tabletop exercises for K-12 schools and school districts.

Download Specialized Training Packages

Training and Exercises

This section describes the critical training and exercise activities the school will use in support of the plan. This includes the core training objectives and frequency to ensure that staff, students, faculty, parents, and community representatives understand roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

This section also establishes the expected frequency of exercises to be conducted by the school. Content may be influenced based on similar requirements at the district and/or local jurisdiction level(s). Exercises may range from basic fire and shelter-in-place drills to full-scale communitywide drills that realistically portray a crisis and show the role the school plays in school district and municipal planning.

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