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K-12 Emergency Management Planning K-12 Emergency Management Planning

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The REMS TA Center offers a variety of Trainings by Request for delivery on-site at your school, school district, or institution of higher education. For each training, we will provide—free of charge—training materials, as well as one or more expert trainers and TA Center staff support for the event hosted at your site.

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The Planning Process

The planning process involves working collaboratively with a team to determine the EOP goals and objectives. To do so, call on district staff and community partners during the planning process for all aspects of plan development, assessment, review, implementation, and maintenance. The planning process is flexible and should be adapted based on the unique characteristics of the school, district, and situation. The EOP must represent the needs of the school community and families, the broader community, and first responders.

  1. Form a Collaborative Planning Team
  2. Understand the Situation
  3. Determine Goals and Objectives
  4. Plan Development (Identifying Courses of Action)
  5. Plan Preparation, Review, and Approval
  6. Plan Implementation and Maintenance
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