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K-12 Emergency Management Planning K-12 Emergency Management Planning

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Access resources from the REMS TA Center, the U.S. Department of Education, and Federal agency partners on key topics in K-12 and higher ed emergency management.

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Family Reunification Annex

Plan how students will be reunited with their families or guardians.

The planning team should consider the following when developing goals, objectives, and courses of action:

  • How to inform families and guardians about the reunification process in advance, and how to clearly describe their roles and responsibilities in reunification.
  • How to verify that an adult is authorized to take custody of a student.
  • How to facilitate communication between the parent check-in and the student assembly and reunion areas.
  • How to ensure students do not leave on their own.
  • How to protect the privacy of students and parents from the media.
  • How to reduce confusion during the reunification process.
  • How frequently families will be updated.
  • How to account for technology barriers faced by students, staff, parents, and guardians.
  • How to effectively address language access barriers faced by students, staff, parents, and guardians.
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