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K-12 Emergency Management Planning K-12 Emergency Management Planning

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Access resources from the REMS TA Center, the U.S. Department of Education, and Federal agency partners on key topics in K-12 and higher ed emergency management.

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Evacuation Annex

Plan the courses of action to evacuate school buildings and grounds.

The planning team should consider the following when developing goals, objectives, and courses of action:

  • How to safely move students and visitors to designated assembly areas from classrooms, outside areas, cafeterias, and other school locations.
  • How to evacuate when the primary evacuation route is unusable.
  • How to evacuate students who are not with a teacher or staff member.
  • How to evacuate individuals with disabilities (along with service animals and assistive devices, e.g., wheelchairs) and others with access and functional needs, including language, transportation, and medical needs.
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