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The ability to communicate timely information is an important part of the work that emergency management teams do on the K-12 and higher ed levels to support state and local education agency responses before, during, and after a hazard or threat occurs. As a part of their emergency operations plans (EOPs), education agencies can develop a Communications and Warning or Notification Annex that outlines clear-cut protocols for how to communicate necessary information with the whole school or campus community.

K12 Safety Practitioners
K-12 Safety Practitioners: Learn more about creating a Communications and Warning Annex.
Higher Ed Safety Practitioners
Higher ed Safety Practitioners: Learn more about creating a Communications and Notification Annex.

What’s on this page?

Resources from the REMS TA Center, U.S. Department of Education, and Federal agency partners on the topic of emergency communications, warnings, and notifications within K-12 schools and institutions of higher education. They are organized based on the before, during, and after phases used to comprehensively manage emergencies.