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The REMS TA Center at a Glance: Supporting Your Emergency Management Needs Before, During, and After an Emergency

Event Date: October 30, 2014


  • REMS TA Center Staff



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The Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Technical Assistance (TA) Center presents the following archived Webinar on available resources to support the needs of K-12 schools and institutions of higher education (IHEs) before, during, and after an emergency. This Webinar, and the accompanying presentation file, can be used as a resource for school or IHE emergency planning, response, and recovery teams.

Having quick and easy access to resources to support prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery efforts before, during, and after an emergency can make a significant impact on your school or IHE’s ability to respond to and recover from an incident. At the REMS TA Center, we create, compile, and source trusted and comprehensive resources from experts in the field and offer information and publications for download throughout our Website:

This approximately 30-minute Webinar provides a summary of where you can find appropriate resources through the REMS TA Center that might help you and your emergency management planning team during each stage of an emergency: before, during, and after. There are six main sections of information presented in this Webinar. They are:

  • About the REMS TA Center;
  • Preparing for a Future Emergency;
  • Responding During an Emergency;
  • Sharing Information During an Emergency;
  • Accessing Funding During an Emergency; and
  • Responding After an Emergency.

This Webinar was delivered with a live PowerPoint presentation. You can listen to This Webinar from start to finish and hear all the information provided; or, you can click through just the sections in which you are interested. You can also use the video slider at the bottom of the screen to fast forward to the appropriate section based on your current emergency management response, recovery, and/or planning needs.

This Webinar was delivered October 30, 2014.

This Webinar recording is played back through Adobe Connect using an Internet connection.