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The Resource Repository is a virtual library of tools developed by school emergency managers in the field containing relevant resources pertinent to the needs of local education agencies (LEAs) and institutions of higher education (IHEs) and their partners as they engage in the process of school emergency management planning. These resources include sample drills, tabletops or other exercises; job descriptions; memorandums of understanding (MOU) with community partners; organizational charts; planning guidelines or sample policies; or school emergency management plans and their component tools and templates.

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Evacuation Plan Pre-event and Event Checklists (Orange County Schools)
Food Biosecurity Checklist
Lockdown Drill Checklist (Bergen County NJ Technical Schools)
NIMS Objectives Tracking Tool
Safety/Security Assessment Checklist (Waterbury CT Dept. of Education)
School Safety/Security Vulnerability Assessment (Lodi CA USD)
Security and Safety Procedures Checklist
Vulnerability Assessment Checklist (Lincoln County OR)
Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet (Wayne County MI RESA)
Drills, Tabletops, or Other Exercises:
Bioterrorism Tabletop Exercise (Missouri Center for Safe Schools)
Bomb Threat Tabletop (Missouri Center for Safe Schools)
Drill Evaluation Form/Schedule (Lincoln County OR)
Earthquake Tabletop (Missouri Center for Safe Schools)
Earthquake Tabletop Exercise (Orange County CA Department of Education)
Emergency Exercises, Drills, Tabletops (Stockton CA USD)
Exercise Training Manual
External Chemical Spill Tabletop (Missouri Center for Safe Schools)
Full Scale Active Shooter Exercise Plan and Master Scenario Event List
Full-scale exercise handbook
Hazard Risk Assessment Model & Hazard Appendix
ICS Tabletop Game (University of Washington)
Intruder Tabletop (Missouri Center for Safe Schools)
Medical Emergency Tabletop (Missouri Center for Safe Schools)
Power Outage Tabletop Exercise Scenario and Answers (Columbus OH Public Schools)
Tornado Tabletop (Missouri Center for Safe Schools)
Tornado Tabletop Exercise Scenario and Answers (Columbus OH Public Schools)
Violent Intruder Tabletop Exercise (Orange County CA Dept. of Education)
Behavioral Threat Assessments Procedures/Documentation (Fairfax County VA Public Schools)
Emergency Supplies Inventory (Anne Arundel County Public Schools)
Job Descriptions:
EMHE Grant Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions (IHEs)
Parent Reunification Team Job Descriptions
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU):
EMHE Partner Agreements (University of New Mexico)
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Organizational Charts:
District Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Functional Reference Model (Marin County Office of Education)
Emergency Operations Center (EOC)/Incident Command System (ICS) Structure
EOC ICS Structure Org Chart (Douglas County Public School)
EOC Organizational Chart (Washington State University)
Planning Guidelines:
Academic Continuity (Higher Education)
Athletic Events Security Policy and Procedures
Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan (District of Columbia Public Schools)
Emergency Plan For Food Defense (South-Western City Schools)
Evacuation Planning for Persons with Disabilities
Food Defense Emergency Management Annex
Pandemic Flu Plan (Page County VA Office of Emergency Management)
Pandemic Influenza Plan (Lancaster City Schools OH)
Risk Communications: The Three R's of H1N1
Strategic Plan
Emergency Notification/Warning Plan (Florida State University.)
Emergency Operations Center Procedures
H1N1 Computer Lab Precautions
ICS Quick Reference (Waterford (MI) School District)
Infectious Disease Plan
NIMS Training Requirements (Florida State University.)
NIMS Training Requirements (Miami-Dade College)
Outdoor Warning System Guidelines (University. North Central Texas)
Protocol for Death of Student/Staff Member
Quick Reference Emergency Response Procedures
After-action Report Interagency Drill
NIMS School Board Resolution (JS Morton High School District 201 IL)
NIMS School Board Resolution (Miami Dade Schools)
School Policies:
Bullying Policy (West New York Board of Education)
H1N1 Flu Policy Syllabus Inclusion
Housing, Fire safety, Reporting Policy (University Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)
Missing Student Policy (University Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)
NIMS Board Resolutions (Higher Education)
NIMS School Board Resolution (Lodi CA USD)
NIMS-ICS Training Needs Assessment
Protest Procedures (Higher Education)
Search Policy (LAUSD)
CERT EOP Annex for Use of Volunteers
Emergency Notification Scripts (IHEs)
Emergency Procedures for Substitute Teachers
First-line Supervisor Level H1N1 Response Plan
H1N1 Bilingual Letters/Posters (DC Public Schools)
H1N1 Flu Preventative Actions for Staff
H1N1 Incident Action Plan
H1N1 Letter Poster, Albanian (Waterbury CT Public Schools)
H1N1 Modifications to School Operations
H1N1 Parent Letter (Conroe TX Independent School District)
H1N1 Parent Letter (Waterbury CT Public Schools)
H1N1 Poster (Whitman College)
H1N1 Posters (University North Central Texas)
H1N1 Resident Pamphlet (University Mary Washington VA)
H1N1 Vaccination Form/Instructions (English and Spanish) (Waterbury CT Public Schools)
Harassment Order Cease/Desist (Nebraska Dept. Education)
Harassment Order to Cease/Desist (Lincoln Nebraska SW High School)
Press Release Regarding Drill
Press Release Regarding Drill (Woodhaven-Brownstown School District) (Woodhaven-Brownstown School District) [27 KB ]
Sample Parent Letter Regarding Drill
Sample Parent Letter Regarding Drill (Woodhaven-Brownstown School District) [219 KB ]
School Emergency Information Guide
Volunteer Emergency Team Member Agreement
A Parent's Guide to School Emergencies Training Video (Los Angeles Unified School District)
Bullying: Mitigation and Response Training
Children and Bereavement: How Teachers and Schools can Help
Elementary School Lockdown Training Video (Los Angeles Unified School District)
Emergency Response Quick Reference Guide (Marin County Office of Education)
Metal Detector Training (Los Angeles Unified School District)
NIMS Compliance for School Districts
Notification Systems Acquisition Vendors Survey (Ohio State University)
Protecting Students On Campus Video (Los Angeles Unified School District)
Safe School Planning Committee Staff Training Poll
School Safety Survey of Safety Teams Perceptions of Preparedness
Search and Rescue for Teachers: Finding the Victims Training Video (Los Angeles Unified School District)
Triage for Teachers: Sorting the Victims Training Video (Los Angeles Unified School District)


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