Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned is a series prepared by the Office of Safe and Healthy Students (OSHS) and the REMS TA Center. Lessons Learned are brief recountings of actual school emergencies and crises. They spotlight the critical actions, decisions and events that took place before, during and after a real incident. Lessons Learned demonstrate what worked and what did not so that all school communities can strengthen their emergency management activities throughout the four phases of school emergency management (prevention-mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery).

  "Recurring Flooding at Oak Grove Lutheran School in Fargo, North Dakota"
  "Retraumatization: How One College Campus Responded to Emotional Reinjury"
  "Responding to a Suicide Cluster: Palo Alto School District"
Translated Verson: Español -
"Cómo responder a Suicidios en grupo: Distrito Escolar de Palo Alto;"
  "Preparing for a Cyber Security Breach Before One Occurs"
  "Emergency Management Planning for After-School Programs: Focus: Napa County Office of Education"
  "Coordinating a Response to H1N1: One District's Experiences"
  "Bus Crash at Lakeview Public Schools"
  "H1N1: Responding to an Outbreak in New York City Schools"
  "Responding to Infectious Disease: Multiple Cases of Staph Infections in a Rural School District"
  "Communication and Collaboration During Natural Disasters: The Lessons Learned from Past Experience"
Translated Verson: Español -
La Comunicación y Colaboración durante Catástrofees Naturales: Las Lecciones Aprendidas de Experiencias Anteriores
  "Responding to School Walkout Demonstrations"
  "Responding to and Recovering from an Active Shooter Incident that Turns into a Hostage Situation"
  "Recovering from Natural Disasters: Preparation is Key"
  "Incorporating Chemical Hazards into an Emergency Management Plan"
  "Managing an Infectious Disease Outbreak in a School"
  "Coping With Multiple Suicides Among Middle School Students"
  "After-Action Reports: Capturing Lessons Learned and Identifying Areas for Improvement"
  "A Coordinated Response To Multiple Deaths in a School Community Helps the Healing Begin"
  "Dealing With Weapons on Campus"


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